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USB – TTL Supports the 3.3-5V Dual Power FT232RL FTDI MWC Debugger NA268



FT232RL USB to Serial Module USB to TTL Level
Brush USB-RS232-TTL line in the king!
USB2TTL protection version overcurrent protection version!
This product uses a new design, using the best FT232RL USB2.0 chip, the USB into a serial port. There are two power versions.
Each module in the factory with a self-receiving 10W bytes test passed! !
PCB board size: 17mm times 32.5mm
Introduction FT232R
With the development of computer technology, parallel port and serial port on the PC slowly disappeared, and now even desktop are few parallel port. However, for engineers, parallel port and serial port are essential interfaces, especially the serial port. For a computer without a serial port, the most convenient solution is to use a USB to serial port to simulate a serial port. From a stability point of view, or FT232 series is the most reliable, you can use it to ease the debugger without having to worry about the blue screen situation.
FT232R chip is a single-chip solution, the general use of basic do not need peripherals, even the crystal, USB matching resistors, placed product information EEPROM have been integrated in the internal. FT232R there are some more useful features, the details can be found FT232R data sheet.
Lead FT232RL chip all signal port, TTL / CMOS level;
· RXD / TXD transceiver communication indicator;
• USB-powered, selectable 5V or 3.3V interface level (target voltage available directly on VCC and GND pins if other levels are required).

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