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Mini DC 5A Motor PWM Speed Controllr 3-15V Speed Control Switch LED Dimmer NN005


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Mini DC Motor PWM Governor 5A 3V-35V Speed Switch Small LED Dimmer Module

  1. Mini-wide voltage DC motor governor, using the latest low-voltage drive technology, similar products in the current maximum of 5A volume of only 1 yuan coin size, the maximum voltage of 3-35V (3-9V input need to short, The details of the following chart).
  2. At the same time with the recovery of fuses, 5-year governor design experience similar products in the most stable performance, the highest of a pocket DC governor, but also for LED dimming.
  3. With high voltage and high current self recovery fuse, the fuse is automatically cut off over-flow, and the fuse is automatically recovered after power failure for several seconds, almost no need to change fuse.


  • Operating Voltage: DC3V-35V
  • Control Power: 90W (maximum)
  • Quiescent Current: 0.015A (standby)
  • PWM Duty Cycle: 1% -100%
  • PWM Frequency: 10khz
  • Size: approx.30*24*15mm/1.18*0.94*0.59(Handle not included)

Warm Tips:

The input voltage selections are divided into 2 stalls, and the default interruption of short contacts is suitable for voltage 5-35V input. If the connection is short, the low voltage 3-15V input is applicable.

Package included

1 / 2 / 3 module without instruction or data sheet




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