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AC/DC LED Driver Transformer Power Supply 1W to 36W LDxxxx


Comes with connection cables, easy to install.
Mainly applicable to LED decorative lighting, building lighting, stage lighting, LED display and theater.
Suitable for LED lights, ceiling light and other indoor lights, projects etc.


Isolated drive

Non Dimmable

Power: 1-3W / 4-7W / 8-12W / 18-25W / 25-36W – as you have chosen

Efficiency: 85%  PF:> 0.65

Operating temperature: minus 30 degrees – positive 50 degrees

With overload and short circuit protection.

Wattage 1-3W 3-5W 4-7W 8-12W 12-18W 18-24W 25-36W
Input Voltage AC85–265V
Output Voltage DC9-12v DC9-20v DC 12-25V DC 24-48V DC 36-72V DC 54-96V DC 75-265V
Output Current 260-280mA 260-280mA 260-280mA 260-300mA 260-300mA 260-280mA 260-280mA


4.5*2.9*2.0mm 5.5*2.7*2.0mm 6.0*2.9*2.0mm 6.7*3.3*2.0mm 8.1*3.7*2.3mm 8.6*3.8*2.1mm 8.6*3.8*2.1mm
Output line 50mm 50mm 70mm 70mm
100mm 100mm 150mm
Input line 50mm 50mm 70mm 70mm 100mm 100mm 150mm




Current Type



Power Interval

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